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6 Ways to Customize Your Etsy Shop

Angie White
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Learn how to use AI to grow your Etsy Shop! Free ChatGPT Prompts for Etsy Sellers!

This 12 page Chatgpt Prompts guide will help you speed up some of your basic tasks as an Etsy seller, like generating quotes, new product ideas, or writing product descriptions by putting Chatgpt, a free AI tool, to work for you in your Etsy shop! It also comes with a video walk through from a seller with 12,000 sales on Etsy!

For the seller with big goals and little time, these Chatgpt prompts are a game-changer for YOU.

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Meet Your Expert Teacher

Angie White

Angie White started her Etsy shop as a creative outlet from her day job and quickly grew to love designing digital and printable products for her shop. While connecting with other Etsy shop owners, she saw the need for people to have both resources to create their digital products, and also to beautify their storefronts with a cohesive branded look. She set out to build helpful tools for Etsy shop owners and is now excited to have assisted hundreds of creatives in their online journey!

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