January 23, 2024

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How to Sell Printables on Etsy and Shopify for Big $$$

Julie Berninger

Earn 5 figures per month of mostly passive income selling printables on Etsy and Shopify? Sign me up! In this talk, Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures walks you through the secret sauce of running a profitable printables business from day 1 including keyword research tools to ensure that what you make people will buy, her famous seasonal product strategy, and more.

Creating Digital Products That Will Actually Sell (Pro-level Design Hacks)

Kate Hayes

In this training, you'll learn everything that goes into creating eye-catching, pro-level digital products that will rise above the competition and bring in consistent revenue for your business. We'll look at graphic design basics and think about the appearance of digital products - obviously you need to create something that people are drawn to and appeal to the eye. Next, learn about the properties you need to think about for any digital products you're creating, including file types, sizing and resolution. Need some basic how to tips? We're also going to cover pro-level Canva hacks so you can easily create your products from start to finish!

How to Figure Out your Digital Product Niche on Etsy as a New Seller

Dina Lu

To be successful on Etsy, deciding on your niche is one of the most important things to do because it determines how big of a market you're competing in, whether or not you can stand out, the ease of creating products, and how coherent your shop is going to be. If you're feeling lost and overwhelmed with how to find a niche, this is for you.

How to Build Trust for More Sales on Etsy

Monica Little

Trust is one of the main deciding factors that shoppers have before deciding to buy a product on a platform like Etsy. So the question is, do you know how to give trust to the shoppers, in order to turn views into actual sales? When you know how to do this, not only do you get more sales, but you also give trust to Etsy for Etsy to show your products to more customers for the long run - turning Etsy into a passive income money making machine!

Stress-Free Taxes for Etsy Sellers

Janet LeBlanc

Stress-Free Taxes for Etsy Sellers: review your income tax & sales tax responsibilities as a digital product seller on Etsy. In this quick presentation, you'll better understand what tax forms you'll be filing and when, along with what to report on them. Feel better about your tax stuff in less than 20 minutes!

5 Steps to Reach 1,000 Sales

Dylan Jahraus

Dylan will teach how to create the traction needed to get your first 1000 orders on Etsy with real e-commerce strategies rooted in her corporate e-commerce background. These strategies include creating a product mix that will get traction, getting traffic to your Etsy shop, and converting customers at a high rate instead of spinning your wheels and wondering how to finally get sales in your shop.

Ahead of the Curve: The Art of Timely Product Planning

Kimberly Costa

In this workshop we’ll dive into the art of strategic product planning! Learn how to create and operate on a production schedule that not only aligns seamlessly with your marketing goals but also gives the Etsy algorithm ample time to spotlight your products. Gain a competitive edge by mastering the timeline game and beat the overwhelm by maintaining a clear and precise understanding of your tasks throughout the entire year.

Easy Products to Launch in Your Shop: Customizing PLR Templates That Stand Out From The Crowd

Michelle Simpkin

Buying a template to sell in your shop is the easiest way to launch a new product BUT it's not as simple as tweaking a few things and adding it to your shop. Taking a template and creating it into a product that people will actually buy takes some effort.

In this presentation, you'll learn how to take a pre-purchased template and turn it into a product your customers will love. Plus we'll cover the top 3 mistakes people make when customizing their templates.

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