January 25, 2024

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Live VIP Panel - Let's Talk Taxes & Money for Etsy Sellers

Learn about everything you need to know about finances as a digital product seller on Etsy!

Thursday, January 25th at 2pm EST

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Julie berninger

Earn 5 figures per month of mostly passive income selling printables on Etsy and Shopify? Sign me up! In this talk, Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures walks you through the secret sauce of running a profitable printables business from day 1 including keyword research tools to ensure that what you make people will buy, her famous seasonal product strategy, and more.

When to Quit Your Day Job & Sell On Etsy Full Time

Jessica Lathrop

Want to learn how to become a full time Etsy entrepreneur? Listen to this presentation to learn how to set yourself up for maximum success as a small business owner. We'll cover everything you need to plan and prepare, including things to consider before becoming an Etsypreneur, financial needs and budgeting, creating your 'full time' plan, and business requirements like taxes and legal considerations. Take the right steps to be your own boss so you can take the leap to make sure you're ready and willing to do what it takes!

How To Attract An Avalanche of Your Perfect Payers By Leveraging Social Media Collaborators

Nani Israel

One of the biggest culprits to your business bank account having more crickets than “katchings” is no one knowing you exist. This mini mastermind will break down how to build the kind of buzz that uses other peoples audiences while staying in alignment with who you serve and what you sell.

Etsy Power Action Plan: Advanced Sales and Discount Tactics for Etsy's Digital Product Sellers

Alicia Rafiei

Discover proven techniques for crafting irresistible sales offers and strategic coupon campaigns, and learn how to stand out in Etsy's bustling marketplace. This session is a goldmine for Etsy sellers eager to boost their revenue and customer engagement with practical, actionable strategies.

How to Get More Five-Star Reviews

Carley Zuercher

Want more five-star reviews? Of course, you do! Five-star reviews come from five-star service and build confidence to help you sell to even more strangers on Etsy. We'll cover everything from packaging to customer service and even how to turn a bad review into a good one (including a copy-and-paste template for dealing with those customers!!)

Stop the Guesswork… Learn How to Properly Analyze Your Shop Metrics so you can Confidently Scale to 6-Figures and Beyond!

Hannah Gardner - EcomHannah

We will be covering how to analyze your Etsy metrics like a 7 figure seller. This includes how to track you store COGS properly in real time. Followed by how to pull the major KPI's out of your business for proper store optimization. This presentation also includes how to analyze and optimize your Etsy ads.

Pixel-Perfect Policies: Navigating Email and Social Media Marketing for Digital Creators on Etsy

Amber Gilormo

In this session, I will provide an in-depth look at the best practices and legal considerations for email and social media marketing in the digital product realm. This content is designed to guide Etsy digital product creators through the intricacies of crafting effective, legally compliant email campaigns and social media strategies. We'll discuss how to engage your audience authentically while adhering to FTC guidelines, harnessing the power of social media platforms, and legal compliance for email marketing with lead magnets or freebies. This knowledge is essential for digital entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach and drive sales, all while building a brand reputation that's both trustworthy and legally sound.

Insta-Success: Amplifying Your Etsy Store with Instagram

Faith Mariah

In this dynamic workshop, titled "Insta-Success: Amplifying Your Etsy Store with Instagram", we delve into the art of leveraging Instagram to skyrocket your Etsy store's visibility and sales. Designed for Etsy entrepreneurs eager to expand their digital footprint, this session offers practical, easy-to-implement strategies to transform your Instagram profile into a powerful sales conduit.

Elevate Your Etsy Shop with the Perfect Mix of Homemade and Print-on-Demand Products

Michelle Berry

We'll explore practical strategies to manage time effectively and achieve the perfect product mix while ensuring consistent quality across the board. We’ll navigate through the wonders of technology to streamline your processes and discover the magic of strategic planning to optimize resources. Get ready to master your mix, conquer time management, and uphold your brand's commitment to excellence, all while keeping that creative spirit alive and thriving!

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