January 26, 2024

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Julie berninger

Earn 5 figures per month of mostly passive income selling printables on Etsy and Shopify? Sign me up! In this talk, Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures walks you through the secret sauce of running a profitable printables business from day 1 including keyword research tools to ensure that what you make people will buy, her famous seasonal product strategy, and more.

The Formula for Fixing a Stagnant Etsy Shop

Lindsay Ashworth

Creating and launching your Etsy shop can absolutely transform your life! But what if you’ve already started your Etsy shop with little to NO results? That can be SO FRUSTRATING! That’s why we'll discuss the formula for fixing a stagnant Etsy shop to help you to make the right changes to your listings to go from crickets to CHA-CHINGS!

The Power of Personalization

Chris Meats

In this presentation you will learn how to create personalized products with artwork variations on Etsy. Etsy customers come to Etsy looking for unique personalized gifts. If you are not offering personalization on your POD products you are missing out on the opportunity for more sales. Stick around to the end to get access to our bonus offer on how you can automate the entire personalization process.

Etsy Tools for Success

Meranda Dysart

How you can use Etsy tools to help you make more sales on Etsy. I will be going over the tool EverBee to show sellers how you can find in demand products on Etsy to sell in your Etsy shop.

Turn $9 into $100+ with 4 Simple Clicks

Monica Froese

Walkthrough a real example of how a $9 click led to a $168.10 order and how that same flash sale generated over $4k in less than 72 hours using a shop model. Learn 7+ strategies for repurposing your existing content into profitable shop listings and 4 simple tricks for leveraging your shop for consistent sales in your business.

Reattract Your Customers: How To Get Repeat Etsy Customers

Racquel Johnson

Getting your customers to purchase again not only helps with revenue - but it show that your providing your customers with a quality experience. Watch this presentation to learn tons of actionable tips on how to reattach your Etsy customers!

How to Legally Protect Yourself When Selling on Etsy

Lucrezia Iapichino

This presentation will walk you through the legal essentials you must have when selling on Etsy and how legal compliance can build trust with your audience, turn potential buyers into repeat customers, and skyrocket your income. By the end of this presentation, you'll know what you need to do to protect your printables business, stay legal and make more sales. 

Why All Etsy Sellers Should Have an Email List and How to Start

Melissa Seideman

For Etsy shops, email marketing is a game-changer! It lets you directly connect with customers already interested in you business. Showcase new products, spark excitement with exclusive offers, and build lasting customer relationships. Say goodbye to hoping Etsy visitors remember your business – emails keep you top-of-mind, driving repeat purchases and loyal fans.

Get from 0 to £30k+ Month Starting from Etsy, Selling Digital Products, by Monetising Your SELF

Anne Maud

I will be sharing the roadmap and my entire set-up that allows me to generate around £3,000 a day, using Etsy, selling digital products as a starting point of an entire sales funnel, to get discovered worldwide and sell, for them to build their audience fast.

I will break down the entire set-up of how you can start with a few sales on Etsy to quickly turn your Etsy store into a big money-making machine.

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