January 24, 2024

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Live VIP Panel - Ask Us Anything about Etsy!

Join this session to ask all of your questions to expert Etsy sellers!

Wednesday, January 24th at 11:00am EST

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Julie berninger

Earn 5 figures per month of mostly passive income selling printables on Etsy and Shopify? Sign me up! In this talk, Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures walks you through the secret sauce of running a profitable printables business from day 1 including keyword research tools to ensure that what you make people will buy, her famous seasonal product strategy, and more.

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stress free taxes for etsy sellers

janet leblanc

Stress-Free Taxes for Etsy Sellers: review your income tax & sales tax responsibilities as a digital product seller on Etsy. In this quick presentation, you'll better understand what tax forms you'll be filing and when, along with what to report on them. Feel better about your tax stuff in less than 20 minutes!

Using Golden Keywords That Gets You Cha-Chings on Autopilot

Anna Beck

What do all top 1% sellers have in common? They use golden keywords. In this presentation, I'll show you exactly what golden keywords are and how they will take your shop from 0 to cha-chings on autopilot.

Level Up Your Listings With Video

Christie Love Etter

This presentation is an introduction to creating videos for your Etsy product listings to help you stand out from the crowd! You'll learn the benefits of using video in your listings, tips to filming video with your phone, how to edit and upload your videos, and other helpful resources for video creation!

How the Etsy Search Algorithm Actually Works

Lauren Keating

SEO is simple - get found, get sold! Figuring out HOW to do that though? Not so simple. I'm pulling back the curtain on exactly how Etsy's search algorithm works to decide which products show up for shopper searches. So no more guess work, no more googling 'what is SEO' and absolutely no more trial and error! I'll unlock the secrets to how to get found in search & my proven algorithm-feeding formula that will keep send high-converting traffic to your listings every single day.

Positioning Your Shop and Creating In-Demand Products to Increase Your Sales!

Diana Guzman

When the market feels oversaturaed and the competition is high, it is crucial to learn how to stand out on Etsy and have a compettive and differentiator factor that will be the key to keep getting sales and increase your revenue, in this training I'll be teaching you how to do that!

Unlocking Limitless Potential: AI-Powered Digital Products

Sasha Hutchison

Learn how to use AI to create digital products more easily and quickly. In this presentation you will learn what AI tools you can use to create digital products, which tools are great for beginners, and what kinds of products you can make!

How to Maximize Your Sales on Etsy with Your Listing Photos

Shannon Williams

Watch this presentation to learn about the different types of listing photos sellers should include in order to create high-coverting listings. Having good photos is so important for online shopping, especially when selling digital products. Listing photos should properly showcase your product and catch the attention of potential customers.

Elevating Your Digital Products Sales on Etsy with an Email List

Frankie Croker

Get ready to skyrocket your Etsy sales and unlock the power of email marketing. I'm spilling the beans on how to supercharge your digital product sales by working with AWeber for a killer email list. We dive into creating crafting goodies your customers can't resist and using AWeber to nurture and build your community. Join me as I chat all about turning clicks into loyal fans and boosting your digital product sales on Etsy.

Copy My Strategy To Building A 6 Figure Etsy Machine

Luna Vega

Ever found yourself puzzled by the absence of sales on your Etsy shop, despite putting up listing after listing? It's a journey I've been through myself, and I get it. Contrary to what many think, the problem isn't just about traffic or SEO. In our workshop, I'll open up about my own experiences and share the real game-changers. Learn how my formula, born out of my own journey, can help complete noob secure sales, even in competitive niches —no need to sacrifice hours in front of the screen. Let's me shared my formula to cracking the code!

Mastering Etsy Success: Unleashing the Power of Everbee for Optimal SEO and Increased Sales

Jenny Hall

Come learn how to get your products seen and sold by finding high ranking Etsy SEO using a tool called Everbee! I'll share with you how to find trending products and the SEO phrases that are high ranking keywords to use in your titles and tags to make more sales!

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