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How to Figure Out your Digital Product Niche on Etsy as a New Seller

Dina Lu
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Learn how to use AI to grow your Etsy Shop! Free ChatGPT Prompts for Etsy Sellers!

This 12 page Chatgpt Prompts guide will help you speed up some of your basic tasks as an Etsy seller, like generating quotes, new product ideas, or writing product descriptions by putting Chatgpt, a free AI tool, to work for you in your Etsy shop! It also comes with a video walk through from a seller with 12,000 sales on Etsy!

For the seller with big goals and little time, these Chatgpt prompts are a game-changer for YOU.

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Quick Win Workshop: How to Price Your Digital Products

Learn how to make a profit selling your digital products in this one hour training video! Digital products seem like the magic bullet for *passive income*, but I want you to make sure you understand how to price & position your digital products so you can hit your financial goals.

Plus, get a plug-n-play calculator you can use to explore different pricing options, figure out your breakeven & profit points, and ensure you’re setting yourself up to be profitable ⬇️

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Meet Your Expert Teacher

Dina Lu

Dina Lu (she/her) is a 29-year old Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur, YouTube creator, calligrapher, and Etsy shop owner from Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2018, she started her first side business selling greeting cards and teaching calligraphy workshops. A year later, she quit her 9-5 government office job to see if she could make it as a creative business owner. Since then, she has never looked back! As a calligrapher, she teaches public and corporate calligraphy workshops around Metro Vancouver and offers calligraphy services for weddings, events, and parties. As a digital entrepreneur, she runs an educational Youtube channel in the business niche with 50,000 subscribers, coaches creatives on how to start a profitable business, and sells digital products in her Etsy shop.

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