Hey there, Etsy Summit Speaker!

Promotion begins on January 8th! Let's do this thing!

Your Promotion Calendar

We ask that every speaker promote to their email lists and social media platforms. It's important that everyone does their part to share the event widely with their people and we appreciate the effort that you contribute to make that happen! To make it easier for you, we have created a calendar and access to promotional resources so that you can simply copy, paste and hit enter :)

Presentation Schedule

The Go Digital On Etsy Summit presentation schedule is below. All presentations will publish at 9am EST (all at the same time) and will expire 24 hours later. There are no chat boxes. You do not need to be present at your presentation at any particular time.

Note: If no records are listed under each date, it's because the schedule is being finalized! Please check back later to see which day your presentation will go live.

Network With Speakers!

Do you want to make friends with other speakers? This is a great opportunity to connect with one another and make plans to collaborate! Fill out the collaboration form and view the responses below!

Here's how the Summit Works



All speakers and organizers do their part to promote the summit using their affiliate link during the promotional window. This includes sending emails and sharing widely on social media. Promo resources are found on this web page. People sign up for the summit through your link and they may choose to upgrade their ticket to a paid ticket (this is how you earn commission).

Promo Dates: January 8 - 23, 2024



It's go time! We kick off on day one and the summit runs for 4 days of free content. When it's your day/time to present, click on your presentation URL and engage in the chat box (chat roll is the software). While attendees watch their session, they may decide to opt in to your freebie. This is how your email list grows.

Summit Dates: January 23 - 26, 2024


You Get Paid!

Since you promote the summit with your affiliate link, chances are a portion of your referrals upgraded to a paid ticket. About 45 days after the summit is over, we'll pay your owed commissions via PayPal. Additionally, now that your email list has grown, you have a new list of subscribers who you can nurture into buyers through email funnels!

Payment window: January 26 - March 11, 2024


Is the summit really free for attendees?

Yes! Attendees can sign up for free and watch the presentations as they launch. Each presentation will be available to attendees for 24 hours until they get locked down. If attendees want lifetime access to the presentations, they can purchase an All Access Pass.

What's the incentive to upgrade a ticket?

All Access Passes will grant attendees lifetime access to every single interview and presentation. It will also unlock an exclusive coupon book and other bonuses. 

How much does an upgraded ticket cost?

  • $47/$97 before the summit begins (one time offer for 20 minutes)
  • $77/147 Early Bird pricing before summit starts
  • $97/197 after the summit starts
  • Attendees will have a 20 minute window to upgrade to All Access for just $47 or $97 (depending on their upgrade of choice) immediately after grabbing a free ticket. This offer will expire after just 20 minutes.
  • Where is my speaker agreement?

    If you don't have a copy of your speaker agreement, reach out to me via email ( eden  at hello at rebelbosses dot com ) for access. 

    How much do I have to promote?

    We hope you'll promote it as much as possible! You'll get out of the summit what you put into it. The reason our past summits were a huge success was because each of the speakers did their part to promote it, which meant there was a huge audience in attendance (this benefits everyone!). It's a bummer for everyone if a speaker doesn't promote.

    When is the promo period for the summit?

    January 8 - 23rd -  will be the "big promo period" for the summit. I recommend sending any emails, posting on social media and spreading the word to your audience during this time period.

    When will I get paid? 

    Payouts will happen automatically from Thrivecart. Your PayPal account is connected to it and payments will be sent out after a period of 30 days from the buyer's original purchase. 

    What's my commission rate?

    You receive 40% commission on every sale you refer if you contribute to the grow yoru shop bundle, (this includes any product that people purchase in the funnel). If you do not contribute, your commission rate will be 30%.

    Questions for the team?

    I'm here for you every step of the way. Seriously. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us for anything.

    Reach out to us at hello [at] rebelbosses [dot] com - Eden Fried is your summit host and Alana Christopher is your summit producer (main point of contact). 

    Looking for more visibility?

    Consider exploring options as a sponsor of the event! Packages start at $597 USD.