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Are you ready for an incredible lineup of speakers and training sessions? Let's do this thing!! 

The Go Digital On Etsy Summit will take place from January 23 - 26, 2024. All sessions will be available for free from 9am EDT on the day they go live, until 9am EDT on the following day (24 hours). VIP ticket holders can enjoy lifetime access to all sessions beginning January 23.

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Day 1 

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 starting at 9am EST

Kate Hayes - Creating Digital Products that will ACTUALLY SELL (Pro-level Design Hacks)

Michelle Simpkin - Easy Products to Launch in Your Shop: Customizing PLR Templates That Stand Out From The Crowd

Dylan Jahraus - 5 Steps to Reach 1,000 Sales

Janet LeBlanc - Stress-Free Taxes for Etsy Sellers

Dina Lu - How to Figure Out your Digital Product Niche on Etsy as a New Seller

Monica Little - How to Build Trust for More Sales on Etsy

Kimberly Costa - Ahead of the Curve: The Art of Timely Product Planning

Julie Berninger - How to Sell Printables on Etsy and Shopify for Big $$$

Day 2

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 starting at 9am EST

(Replay For VIPs Only)  11:00am EST - Live Panel - Ask Us Anything about Etsy!

Sasha Hutchison - Unlocking Limitless Potential: AI-Powered Digital Products

Lauren Keating - How the Etsy Search Algorithm Actually Works

Shannon Williams - How to Maximize Your Sales on Etsy with Your Listing Photos

Diana Guzman - Positioning Your Shop and Creating In-Demand Products to Increase Your Sales!

Anna Beck - Using Golden Keywords That Gets You Cha-Chings on Autopilot

Frankie Croker - Elevating Your Digital Products Sales on Etsy with an Email List

Jenny Hall - Mastering Etsy Success: Unleashing the Power of Everbee for Optimal SEO and Increased Sales

Christie Love Etter - Level Up Your Listings With Video

Luna Vega - Copy My Strategy To Building A 6 Figure Etsy Machine

Day 3

Thursday, January 25th, 2024 starting at 9am EST

(Replay For VIPs Only) 2:00pm EST - Live  Panel - Let's Talk Taxes & Money for Etsy Sellers

Michelle Berry - Elevate Your Etsy Shop with the Perfect Mix of Homemade and Print-on-Demand Products

Alicia Rafiei - Mastering Sales and Coupon Strategies for Digital Products

Carley Zuercher - How to Get More Five-Star Reviews

Hannah Gardner - EcomHannah - Stop the Guesswork… Learn How to Properly Analyze Your Shop Metrics so you can Confidently Scale to 6-Figures and Beyond!

Jessica Lathrop - When to Quit Your Day Job & Sell On Etsy Full Time

Faith Mariah - Insta-Success: Amplifying Your Etsy Store with Instagram

Nani Israel - How To Attract An Avalanche of Your Perfect Payers By Leveraging Social Media Collaborators

Amber Gilormo - Pixel-Perfect Policies: Navigating Email and Social Media Marketing for Digital Creators on Etsy

Day 4

Friday, January 26th, 2024 starting at 9am EST

Lucrezia Iapichino - How to Legally Protect Yourself When Selling on Etsy

Monica Froese - Turn $9 into $100+ with 4 Simple Clicks

Chris Meats - The Power of Personalization

Anne Maud - Get from 0 to £30k+ Month Starting from Etsy, Selling Digital Products, by Monetising Your SELF

Lindsay Ashworth - The Formula for Fixing a Stagnant Etsy Shop

Melissa Seideman- Why All Etsy Sellers Should Have an Email List and How to Start 

Racquel Johnson - Reattract Your Customers: How To Get Repeat Etsy Customers

Meranda Dysart - Etsy Tools for Success

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