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Lifetime access to summit trainings

  • VIP access to all presentations on the first day of the summit - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations so you can binge watch ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation

Check out all of the products included in the Grow Your Shop Bundle!

The Ultimate Collection of Resources For Etsy Sellers by Insights By Jess

15+ in-depth e-guides, cheat sheets, and resources to help Etsy Sellers start, grow and sell like a PRO. Made by a multiple 6 & 7 figure Etsy seller, each resource has been created specifically to help YOU get your BEST results on Etsy.

Valued at $99!
Contributed by Jessica Lathrop
101 Digital Products to Sell on Etsy Guide

This guide will help you discover 101 digital products that you can sell on Etsy! It covers printables to Canva templates, and everything in between!

You will be provided with product ideas for each month of the year based on the sales experience of Sasha at Your Frugal Friend, a top 1% seller on Etsy with over 20,000 sales

Valued at $9!
Contributed by Sasha Hutchison
How to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Etsy

Learn up-to-date strategies to get sales from strangers more quickly and with fewer questions by infusing your listings with clarity by maximizing your pictures, words, and how customers check out!

Valued at $27!
Contributed by Carley Zuercher
The Ultimate Etsy Seller Bundle

Take your shop to the next level with the Ultimate Etsy Seller Bundle; your one-stop Etsy toolkit. You never need to worry again that your shop looks unprofessional! Get templates for every element of your Etsy shop, fill in the blank copy templates & guides to make setting up or refreshing your shop a breeze

Valued at £29!
Contributed by Lauren Keating
120+ Etsy Listing Photo Mockups in Canva

Effortlessly create your listing photos with this bundle of 120+ editable Canva mockup templates. Save time on design, optimize your listings, and convert views to sales. Bonus: Includes 75+ pages of expert tips and free elements!

Valued at $25!
Contributed by Shannon Williams
Side Hustle Success Challenge

A 30 day challenge for running a 48-hour flash sale on Instagram that will grow your buyer base of new leads, build buzz for your brand, and sell out your inventory!

Valued at $497!
Contributed by Nani Israel
An Overview of the Top 10 Print-on-Demand Companies Mini Course

In this mini-course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and techniques to make the best decision when selecting a print on demand company. We will explore the pros and cons of the top 10 print on demand companies so you can identify which ones are best suited for your needs. Additionally, we'll look at each company's unique offerings and specialties so you can get the most out of your investment. With this information, you'll have all the tools needed to make a well-informed decision on your next print on demand partnership!

Valued at $5!
Contributed by Michelle Berry
PLR Resume Template (editable in Canva)

This 5 resume templates will help you to easily create an in demand product for your e-commerce shop. Customize in Canva. This PLR template is OK for commercial use -- meaning that you can purchase this template, edit the design, and sell the end product as your own.This template CANNOT, however, be resold as a template that competes with this product.

Valued at $7.99!
Contributed by Gold City Ventures
Create 5 High Demand Printables with Canva Course

Learn how to easily create printables that many people are looking to buy with free software that runs right from your browser!

Valued at $57
Contributed by Carmen Chan
The Digital Products Bundle

Safely and securely sell your digital products - for any brand or business owner ready to sell digital products online. If you’re selling digital products (ebooks, templates, guides, etc.), these 3 easy-to-use contract templates will keep you protected.

What’s included:

  • Terms of Purchase for Digital Goods + Services (valued at $99)*
  • Website Terms of Use (valued at $49)*
  • Privacy Policy (valued at $49)*

Who it’s for: Anyone who is selling digital products online.

Valued at $177!
Contributed by Amber Gilormo
Etsy SEO Mastery Masterclass

The Etsy SEO Mastery Masterclass shares with you my top 5 SEO strategies for finding and using high ranking SEO to help you rank higher in the search. Learn how your products can stand out in a crowded Etsy marketplace so you can grow your traffic and sales!

Valued at $47!
Contributed by Jenny Hall
Etsy Audit Workshop

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and watch a top Etsy seller critique other Etsy shops? Kate's Etsy Audit Workshop gives you the chance to do just that. In this 60-minute video workshop, Kate reviews and critiques 3 real Etsy shops and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each one element by element. Along with the video workshop, you also get access to Kate’s shop review PDF guide that lays out Kate’s personal steps for performing a shop review so you’ll know what criteria to look for when objectively auditing your OWN shop!

Valued at $47!
Contributed by Kate Hayes
Revenue Maximizer

When you have a simple strategy making more sales is EASY.
The Revenue Maximizer will help you:

  • Create a great product that people WANT to buy.
  • Learn simple and powerful sales strategies to stop wasting time and start bringing in money
  • Use our Business Notion Templates to get your business organized AF so you can focus on what actually matters

Get coaching and support in the Becoming Boss Mastermind for 30 days. Say goodbye to procrastination and excuses and HELLO to finally creating results in your business.

Valued at $19.97!
Contributed by Faith Mariah
$30 gift card for The Shop

Inside The Shop, you'll discover customizable branding kits, time-saving PLR commercial use templates, and a treasure trove of workshops, action plans, and courses to help you create and sell digital products on Etsy

Valued at $30!
Contributed by Alicia Rafiei
Habit Tracker Template Kit for Google Sheets

Sell beautiful and functional habit trackers in your shop. This Google Sheets template kit makes it easy for you to customize your new habit tracker. With all the hard work (and formulas!) done for you, it'll be a breeze to launch in your shop!

Valued at $47!
Contributed by Michelle Simpkin
Niche-Down Workbook; Become a problem solver.

By the end of this workbook, you will be able to know/define/refine your PROFITABLE niche, by niching down and solving a real problem. You will also get crystal clear on WHAT PRODUCTS you should be selling from now on.

EVERYTHING STARTS FROM HERE. If you have ONE thing to do to start getting consistent sales and make the income you're dreaming about, it's working on your niche.

Valued at £10!
Contributed by Anne Maud
Get 1 month free access to AnywherePOD or $29.99 of the already discounted yearly subscription

With AnywherePOD you can completely automate the process of selling personalized products on Etsy. You can also easily combine artwork variations for Etsy. As well as a suite of additional features that help in managing and creating Etsy POD listings, Including Bulk Uploader, mockup generation, video generation, and much more.

Valued at $29.99!
Contributed by Chris Meats
Product Listing Database

The Product Listing Database template is a comprehensive and versatile tool designed to help you organize, track, and manage your product listings effectively. Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, managing a catalog of products, or simply need a centralized system to keep track of your inventory, this template provides a flexible and user-friendly solution.

Valued at $17!
Contributed by Kimberly Costa
The SEO Bootcamp

Master the Etsy Algorithm and become a PRO in ranking listings!
This bootcamp is designed to teach you everything you need to know about how Search Engine Optimization works on Etsy. You will learn how to leverage the built-in traffic that Etsy has to get your products found, increase your sales and stop worrying about posting on social media.

Valued at $197!
Contributed by Diana Guzman
1 Free Month of Email Club

Join the email club now and get 4 monthly emails delivered on the 20th of each month designed to nurture and sell to your email audience. Perfect for DIY business owners who want to get email support for a fraction of the price of hiring an email marketing specialist.

Valued at $30!
Contributed by Melissa Seideman
Terms & Conditions for Printables Template

Specifically designed to protect printable sellers legally, this comprehensive and versatile Terms & Conditions Template works perfectly for the listing description and terms on your Etsy shop, Shopify shop, your own website, or any platform you use to sell printables.

Valued at $37!
Contributed by Lucrezia Iapichino
Ultimate Digital Product E-Commerce Shop Planner

Your go-to best friend for tracking all the moving parts for your digital product store. Running a digital product shop can feel overwhelming if you don't keep track of all the moving pieces. Why not keep track of everything in one place? This is the only spreadsheet designed to meet ALL of your needs specific to a digital product e-commerce shop.

Valued at $37!
Contributed by Monica Froese
VIDFluenz - The Influencer's Crash Course in Video Editing

VIDFluenz is a crash course in video editing for digital influencers. In under an hour, this training will equip you with the skills to edit videos using Free software, and you'll go from a novice video editor to mastering the basics and BEYOND! If you're doing any kind of "influencing" to sell a product, then get VIDFluenz and unlock your creative potential!

Valued at $47!
Contributed by Christie Love Etter
Selling on Instagram Stories Masterclass

Learn the 4 simple steps to show up and SELL more of your products on Instagram Stories so you know exactly what to say that leads to more hype AND sales! You’ll learn how to show that your products are in demand and create FOMO + excitement with your followers so they want to learn more, how to educate about your products + how often you should be sharing the basics so people KNOW what you have to offer, and how to create URGENCY so people buy now without using constant coupons or sales... all in an authentic and genuine way. Ready to become an selling ninja?

Valued at $97!
Contributed by Monica Little

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LIVE PANEL: Ask Us Anything about Etsy!

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Wednesday, January 24th at 11am EST

LIVE PANEL: Let's Talk Taxes & Money for Etsy Sellers

Join expert Janet LeBlanc to ask any tax or money related question you have as an Etsy Seller (current or aspiring). 

Thursday, January 25th at 2pm EST



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Where Does The Summit Take Place?

The Go Digital On Etsy summit is a 100% virtual event. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the sessions and the instant downloads available, refunds will not be granted on or after the first day of the live summit.

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Lifetime access to summit trainings

  • VIP access to all presentations on the first day of the summit - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations so you can binge watch ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation

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